4th ST Vasectomy Clinic

Dr. Phillip van der Merwe,M.B.,Ch.B, CCFP
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Calgary


Dear Patient,

Thank you for inquiring about a vasectomy.

This is an important decision that should only be considered if you are ready for a permanent form of birth control. To help you make an informed decision I recommend that you speak to your family physician and browse this web site. This service is covered by Alberta Health Care.

Should you decide to use our services, I will introduce myself during a separate visit prior to the procedure to ask a few pertinent health questions and to offer explanations to all your questions. Subsequently I will obtain informed consent from you and once you are ready to proceed there is virtually no wait times for scheduling your surgery.

The day after your procedure I will phone you at home to make sure you are comfortable and give you the opportunity to ask more questions. I am also happy to return your phone calls after wards. Should any follow up be required after the procedure you may simply walk into my office and I will see you immediately.

My objective is to provide you with personal, speedy and effective care.

I look forward to your visit.


Phillip van der Merwe, M.B., Ch.B, CCFP,
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Calgary


Questions about Vasectomy?

Click below to learn more about vasectomy and to answer some questions you may have.

More about vasectomy


We recommend that you request a referral to us after a discussion with your family physician.

In the event that you do not have a family physician, you may contact us directly by telephone 403-640 4320.
You may also book online for an initial consult at www.4thstreetclinic.ca. The procedure will be scheduled after the initial consult.

Please be sure to read this entire website prior to coming for your visit.

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